Facebook™, is this Shot Obscene?

Breaking News:
Cancer BANNED by Facebook as ‘pornographic.’


Facebook™, is this shot obscene?
What if it were clothed in green?

Facebook™, is this scar taboo?
Would you Like™ with a tattoo?

May I post it on my Wall™?
Or would that incite your gall?

Is it truly crass to Share™?
Some think your rules most unfair.

Is the gauge of blur and grain?
Or which Friend™ exacts the pain?

Is wound-Pink™ indecent too?

(Older, younger, healed or new?)
(Prosthetically out of view?)
(Would you rather I shoot you?)

Some can’t help it.  What to do?

***Pink™ courtesy of Breast Cancer Awareness Month™.  All rights reserved.

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